standard-title Services At Merridown Family Surgery we are committed to providing holistic preventative health care solutions as well as treatments for pre-existing conditions.


At Merridown Family Surgery we are committed to providing holistic preventative health care solutions as well as treatments for pre-existing conditions.

All functions of the body work in unison with each other and we mirror that approach not just in the manner of how we assess our patients’ health and wellbeing but also in the way that all our specialists operate as team to deliver the care and attention our patients deserve.

With all of our services you will receive first class care and advice from highly trained and experienced members of the team.

Our heart disease prevention program offers an insight into the health of your heart along with a tailored action plan to improve its health.

We will carry out basic blood and urine tests as well as analysing BMI and ABI scores. We will take the time to understand your lifestyle and diet in order to come up with a complete picture for your state of health.

With this service you will have access to all of our allied services such as physiotherapists, dieticians and psychologist, providing an all round preventative care program

See the Being Alive Program section for more details.

  • Whether you are old or young ensuring your body is properly protected against viruses and diseases is vitally important.

We can offer all vaccines in accordance with Queensland’s Immunisation Schedule  to make sure you are properly covered at each stage of your life.

In addition we provide seasonal vaccinations against viruses such as influenza.

  • For those travelling abroad we are a fully accredited Travel Medicine Centre able to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations with a Government approved certification.

Our doctor’s are fully up to date with the latest vaccination requirements for travel all over the world so if you are unsure of what protection you need then please speak to us before you travel.  Some diseases do require medication to be taken or vaccines to be given a certain number of weeks prior to travel so the more advance notice you can give us the better we can advise you.

  • Skin cancer is a growing concern to many people and using the latest technology we can detect and treat certain forms of skin cancer.

Consultations usually last around 30 minutes during which time our specialists will indentify suspect moles and lesions and provide recommendations as to the next course of action. If required we can remove lesions such as moles, warts, cysts or skin tags if they are causing significant problems or we are concerned they may be cancerous.

We use imaging technology to accurately record, monitor and track any areas of concern.

  •  Advice from our staff can also be sought on all manner of skin conditions including, but not limited to;

  • eczema,
  • warts,
  • acne,
  • dry skin, or
  • fungal disease.

  •  Through the clinic we offer advice and guidance on any skin allergies that patients may be suffering from. By carrying out a simple skin prick test we can identify various allergens that may affect your skin.

From dust, to grass, to hair the results will allow us to start an immunotherapy program to build up your resistance, tolerance and immunity levels against such allergies.

The real difference at our Weight control clinics is that we recognise that were all individuals, each with our own metabolism. There is no ‘one size fits all’, what works for one person may not work for another. Just like we have different shoe sizes, so too our metabolism works in different ways for each of us.

The body goes through its greatest challenges during infancy and having the right support and advice on hand is so important for helping each child to grow up healthily.

We are a family focussed, child friendly medical practice that aims to make a visit to us an enjoyable experience for any child or baby. A child health nurse is available to measure the vital signs such as height and weight and can advise on subjects such as breast feeding.

Available also is the full suite of child vaccinations.

Four Female Doctors who can offer expert advice and guidance on all manner of female related health conditions.

Topics such as fertility, menopause or female cancers can be delicate issues and all consultations are carried out in a sensitive, compassionate and in confidence with the doctor of your choice.

Addressing psychological wellbeing as well as physical health is all part of the service and we are able to carry out a number of tests and examinations specific to women’s health.

With this service we can measure how effectively your heart operates when it is put under pressure. We will measure the volume of oxygen (V02 Max test) you are using at this time allowing us to accurately predict the optimum heart rate at which the body will burn off the most fat.

This service is available either directly or through a referral from a specialist, and our rates are highly competitive in comparison with some hospitals.

We want to break down the taboo around mental health. The early diagnosis of a mental health condition allows for a lot more effective treatment to be carried out.

Whether it is a psychological condition or something like Alzheimer’s, leading a fit and healthy lifestyle can help reduce the likelihood of such a condition occurring or even slow down the impact it has on a person’s life once a diagnosis has been made.

With the right levels of support a person with a mental health condition can lead a rich and fulfilling life and our aim is to help as many people as possible understand the complex issues around mental health and what can be done to treat it.

The problem

With approximately 40% of the population* being affected by an allergy, it is perhaps one of the biggest causes for concern in the population today.

Allergies cost the economy around $7 billion a year, but the impact on Australians who suffer from an allergy resulting in a reduction in quality of life (the “burden of disease”) is estimated at $21.5 billion.

Getting tested and treated for an allergy can reduce the financial and lifestyle impact an allergy has on you.

Our Allergy Testing Programme

Our aim is to quickly identify which allergens cause you a reaction and then come up a course of immunotherapy treatment that, over time, will limit the impact the allergy has on your life.

The programme consists of a consultation with one of our highly trained and qualified doctors or nurses who will conduct a skin prick test, where we will test you for the 22 most common types of allergens specific to the Queensland area. From environment to food to animal allergens, we will discover just what it is that triggers a reaction in your body.

As we focus on allergens specific to Queensland, it means we can provide the most appropriate substances to tackle the causes of the allergic reaction, providing you with relief sooner rather than later.

Based on the results, which are usually available within a day, we will recommend either a series of monthly injections or daily liquid drops in order to boost your body’s tolerance levels to that allergen.

The cost

The cost of the consultation and skin test is $192.85.

A Medicare Rebate of $87.00 is available.

Some medications and courses of treatments may incur additional charges. Please call us for more details.

What we use

In our injections and liquid doses, we only use Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved substances. This provides our patients with peace of mind, as well as tremendous results.

The results

We have successfully helped hundreds of people improve the quality of life they lead with our courses of immunotherapy. It is not our aim to have our patients on medication for the rest of their lives, but instead help their body build up its own defences against the allergen.

Located on the beautiful Gold Coast Queensland, we offer a fast and affordable way for you to free yourself from the symptoms of allergies.

Don’t make the dog pay.

Don’t wait for the seasons to change before you go outside again, get rid your pets or avoid your favourite foods, but instead get tested and treated for your allergies by contacting us today and discovering how we can help you lead an allergy free life.


For more information on any of our services please contact us.